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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the products offered by TFX to me?

TFX allows its users to access a wide range of capital markets through a single account.

How do I open a live account?

Open a live account in simple steps. Click here.

What types of accounts are available?

TFX offers four types of trading accounts to meet all our client’s needs. Standard, VIP, Premium & Islamic. All of our accounts are offered with dedicated customer support and cutting edge technologies. Also larger accounts enjoy Direct market access.

Which is the right account for me?

It depends upon your trading needs and you will need to select it, based on your trading experience & the type of trades you want to execute.

What are the trading hours?

The general trading hours for TFX is 24 hours from Sunday 22.00 GMT to Friday 21.00 GMT. Trading hours may vary for different products.

How do I Fund my trading account?

We provide various transparent methods for funding your account. You can make payments by wire transfer, credit cards, debit cards and web wallet.

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

Complete the withdrawal form & send it to Please note that Trade4X do not send third party payments.

Is trading with TFX secure?

Our platforms are designed to meet international standards. We use encryption codes both in our website and platform to secure our clients data. Even our staffs need encrypted access codes to get information about clients and their details.

What are the products offered by Trade4x?

Trade4x offers a wide range of products. Click here for more details.